“Tell us more about the vegan bake sale.”

Press Releases

Feel free to use these press releases as a basis for your own better ones.

Press release for 2011 Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale in general. There's not really one person in charge, and "director" seems a little weird since the event is so decentralized, but we had to come up with an official title for the press. In the press release, we totally stole "raise dough" (with permission) from the excellent press release for Los Angeles city councilmember Ed P. Reyes' 2009 vegan bake sale (see below). Also, the online version of this press release doesn't have phone numbers, but the real one does.

Hybrid press release. Here's a PDF which is a slight modification of the general, overall WVBS press release. It has a few "fill in the blank" areas to put in local contact and bake sale information. Basically, replace the text in brackets with your own info. Note: We have a Word version of this document upon request (info@veganbakesale.org), if you want to start editing immediately.

Press release for individual bake sales. Here are some exquisite examples of vegan bake sale press releases from the past and present: