Links and Resources

Helpful stuff to know and procure for your bake sale. This page will expand over time.


Here are links to literature about veganism that you may want to include on your bake sale table (the subject will inevitably come up) or read yourself, if you're non-vegan but curious about veganism.
Action For Animals Action For Animals - Sweet Vegan Recipes
Compassion Over Killing Compassion Over Killing
FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement) FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement)
Farm Sanctuary Farm Sanctuary
Liberation BC Liberation BC
Mercy For Animals Mercy For Animals
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary
Vegan Outreach Vegan Outreach

Custom Veg Flier

This brochure, which you print yourself, was created mainly (though not exclusively) for offering to customers when they buy items from your bake sale. For example, you could ask “Would you like a small brochure explaining why everything at the bake sale is vegan?” The brochure is small and easy to fold, so it easily fits into bags or boxes, or pockets.

You can use as is, with the Compassion for Animals logo and short blurb at the end, or you can replace those two sections of the document with the logo and name, respectively, of your organization. You can also change any other part of the text, in which case you should also remove references to Compassion for Animals. In this way, the document is a starting place for you to create a custom handout.

To print (for most printers):
  1. Print page 1, for as many copies as you want.
  2. Feed those sheets back into the printer, without flipping or rotating them.
  3. Print page 2.
  4. Fold each copy in half.

Eggless Baking Flier

Although many brochures contain a summary of how to how bake without eggs, sometimes it's handy just to have a sheet for that. This one-page PDF is basically the print version of our "Baking Without Eggs" tips, which is adapted from The Joy of Vegan Baking by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.

Here's the PDF.


These may help promote your bake sale and the overall global event; everybody wins! If you have an idea for another banner we should make, let us know.

To download a banner, right-click over the banner and select your browser's option for saving the image (e.g., "Save Picture As" or "Save Image As").