Possible Funding for Your Bake "Sale"

VegFund.org has generously offered to consider providing funding for groups that participate in the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale via vegan "bake-ins" that introduce non-vegan crowds to vegan baked goods. Here's how it works:
  • You decide to offer free vegan baked items on a busy street corner, community center, or other public place (assuming it's legal and you get all the required permissions!), or you arrange to give away vegan baked goods at a baseball game, concert, or other event.
  • WELL IN ADVANCE OF THE EVENT, you contact VegFund.org, as per the instructions on this form (choose "Food Sampling Event Application") and especially on this page and this page. Note: It's important to follow all the directions on the VegFund web site.
  • VegFund reads your request and determines whether to fund your project.
  • Rather than sell the wonderful baked creations, you give them away for free. In the process, you help dispel myths about vegan food and probably enter into some productive conversations with individuals who are unaware of the quality and breadth of vegan baking. "Cupcake activism," this is sometimes called. You can accept donations. If you want, you can give some or all of the donations to VegFund, but you're not required to do this. As long as the money goes to vegan outreach, or a vegan-friendly institution such as an animal sanctuary, VegFund is happy.