2013 Bake Sale Highlights

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North Carolina
“Loved this event...”
“I wish this was every week!”

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That Old Chestnut hosted a stall and raised money for Leeds Donkey Sanctuary with tantalizing vegan baked goods.
“Looking forward to next year's bakesale!”

“We had alot of fun, SOLD OUT everything by 5pm. (We wanted to stay out till 6... make more next year!)...Vegan bake sales forever!”

Bake sale schedule listing
North Carolina
Nag's Head
“Looking forward to next year’s Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, we will definitely be participating again!”

This vegan bake sale in busy downtown Bethesda got the attention of passers-by with its delicious treats and raised money for nearby Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary.

Bake sale schedule listing
Falls Church
This was Compassion for Animals' best bake sale ever in terms of proceeds—which were split between the group and the Wildlife Rescue League. Brownie Troop 2226 made posters for the event, and interestingly the bake sale was near a Civil War Days re-enactment with period clothing.