Baking Tips

Plant-Based Milks
Whether from soya, almond, coconut or grain – planting drinks are available in many different flavors. They are now found in every supermarket. Some also offer plant-based cream.

Margarine and Almond Butter
Butter can simply be replaced by vegan margarine or mild oil. Creative and varied food is also peanut or almond butter on a vegetable basis.

Banana instead of Egg
In many recipes eggs can be removed from the list of ingredients. To bind the dough, bakers may instead use mashed banana, flaxseed and warm water, apple sauce or one of the egg substitutes, mainly made of corn starch and lupine or soya flour. When it comes to loosening the dough, some baking soda does much better than egg.

Specific Vegan Recipes
There are many vegan bakers and bloggers out there, and the internet is full of terrific recipes. If you are looking for inspiration, you can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram or have a look at our recipes!