Why Vegan?

Animals Suffer Like We Do

We are taught to think of animals raised for food – if we think of them at all. “Farm animals”: a nameless, faceless and an abstract category. But “farm animals” is a human-invented category. Just like cats and dogs, and like humans as well. Animals used for food are individuals with unique personalities and emotions. They feel joy, affection and pleasure, as well as fear, grief, and pain. Like us, they form deep friendships and emotional bonds and like us, they seek to preserve their lives.

baby chicks

Why not Dairy & Eggs?

IIt is a common misconception that animals are not harmed in the production of eggs and dairy. In fact, the egg and dairy industries cause enormous suffering and kill billions of hens and baby chicks, and millions of cows and calves, every year.

Even on small and humane label dairy farms, calves are permanently taken away from their mothers within the first few hours or days of birth. Only because humans want to have the milk that mother cows usually feed their babies. Cows carry their babies for nine months, just like humans do. They endure this devastating loss over and over again as cows are generally reimpregnated once a year to keep them at maximum milk production. Male calves, because they cannot produce milk, are typically killed for veal at anywhere from a few days to a few months old. The veal industry would not exist without the dairy industry.
Eggs also involve the killing of babies on a large scale. At the hatcheries where new hens are hatched to be sent to egg farmers — including humane label farms, small farms, and backyard chicken keepers — 6 billion male chicks are destroyed every year by being suffocated or ground up alive. This is because they cannot produce eggs and are not the breed used for meat.

Hens used for eggs and cows used for milk, are also slaughtered when their production declines, at only a fraction of their natural lifespans.

We have a choice!

Unlike animals who kill other animals for food, we have a choice. Animals kill from necessity, whereas humans have no biological need for animal products. There is nothing humane about inflicting unnecessary violence on animals, we have no need to harm at all. Too many of the worst cruelties inflicted on animals in factory farms are also routine practice on even the best humane certified farms.

FIVE GOOD REASONS to live on a plant-based diet

High animal consumption increases the risk of heart disease, strokes, diabetes, obesity, and cancer. It is also responsible for most serious cases of food poisoning, epidemics like swine flu, and driving up levels of antibiotic resistance.

Animal agriculture subjects billions of animals to immense physical and emotional suffering. These sentient and intelligent beings are denied even their most basic needs, enduring extreme confinement, squalid conditions, poor health, mutilations, and slaughter.

Animal agriculture is a major cause of some of the world’s most urgent environmental problems. It is one of the leading drivers of climate change, land degradation, pollution, water depletion, rainforest destruction, and species extinction.

Feeding plants to farmed animals contributes to world hunger and food injustice, driving up the price of basic foods in poor countries. With a growing world population, it is unsustainable to eat so many animal products, which are a highly inefficient way to produce food

Most of us are aware that our diet impacts our health, other people, animals, and our planet. But growing up routinely eating animal products, liking the taste and convenience, we rarely consider the consequences and alternatives. Plant-based foods are seen by many as lacking in taste, range and availability. We call this “veg prejudice”.

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