Promoting Your Event

As soon as the time and place of your Vegan Bake Sale have been fixed: start promoting! Reach out to people close to you. Use social media, flyers, word of mouth and similar options to spread the word!
You can, for example, post vegan recipes, share insights regarding your preparation and so on. It wouldn’t hurt to mention that your Bake Sale is part of the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale. Feel free to use our logos from the WVBS Website, Facebook or Instagram.


Distribution Of Responsibilities

Make sure that everyone involved knows what their tasks and responsibilities are!

Communication is important: Some groups use shared GoogleSheets to keep track of who’s bringing what (e.g. baked goods and supplies) and to manage everything else.

  • Who is hosting the event?
  • Who is volunteering before/during/after the event?
  • Who are the bakers?


Buy/Collect All Necessities Beforehand

Here is a Checklist of all the things you need for a successful Vegan Bake Sale!


Storing & Transporting Food

Preferably before baking, make sure you have:
a) enough room in your refrigerator to store items that need to be kept cold
b) a way to securely transport your baked goods to the Bake Sale or drop-off location


Start Baking…

There is just one last thing before you start baking your vegan goods: Try your recipes beforehand! The more delicious your food is, the better your sales will be.
Here you can find our Baking Tips and Recipes. Enjoy!

Be part of an event that will publicize the many benefits of an animal-free diet!


Our easy four-step plan for you:

Plan  I  Prepare  I   Hold  I  Follow-Up