Only Two Rules

  1. Offered goods must be vegan. For baking, this means no dairy or eggs.
  2. Don’t have/do anything that contributes to or promotes harming/the use of animals.


Find your group!

You don’t have to be a vegan or animal rights group to participate. We encourage school clubs, scout troops, religious organizations, and also groups of friends who’d like to organize a charity Bake Sale.

You are an individual?

We also provide an easy option for individuals who want to participate but are short on time or resources. Instead of selling treats, do a free giveaway of vegan treats at work, school or a community event. Pair your treats with vegan recipes and literature for a bigger impact!

Commercial Establishments:

Here are some ideas regarding how your bakery, restaurant, or store can participate:

  • Donate a percentage of your sales
  • Donate items to a participating Vegan Bake Sale
  • Let a group hold a Bake Sale at your business
  • Help promote local events and/or the larger campaign in your establishment and/or online


Set a date!

Plan your Vegan Bake Sale sometime between April 15-30.

If you want to participate but cannot do so during the official time period, that’s okay too. Just pick a date that works for you. We want everybody to be able to take part in this fun event!


Choose a suitable location!

Selecting a good venue is important. But often you need to deal with some regulations:

Go online and/or check with local officials concerning regulations in your area. For example, some jurisdictions require that items be individually wrapped beforehand. In some European countries, you may need a permit from the health department to hand out food at an event. Please keep in mind that these rules don’t apply to every country. Please check the laws of your own country with regard to food sales.

If the regulations for Bake Sales in your town seem too restrictive or confusing, it often helps to contact more than one official. Don’t hesitate to ask follow-up questions. Also consider checking one town over if it’s nearby, as they may have a more streamlined process. Another source of information are churches or civic groups that recently held a Bake Sale in your area.

Another option:

In some cases, there are fewer restrictions if you give food away and ask for donations, rather than sell the food outright. Ask officials in your area for details.

You may find that restrictions are looser if you hold the Bake Sale in a private facility, such as an office building or a church.


Find your reason(s)/your charity!

Contact the charity to which your donation goes to. Animal sanctuaries, vegan advocacy groups, disaster relief efforts and food banks are just a few of the charities that receive increased funding and exposure. See if they will help you promote your Bake Sale. If so, you could offer to give them some fliers and write posts for their newsletter.

Additional Fundraising

If you’re raising money for a charity, you can ask local businesses if they’d like to make matching pledges, i.e., donations that match whatever you give to the designated charity from your Bake Sale proceeds. Get a receipt from the charity when you give them the proceeds. You can present that to businesses that made pledges as proof of the donation to match.


Register and let us know about your event!

Before you go ahead and prepare (Link) your Vegan Bake Sale: Let us and the world know by using our handy sign-up form (preferred) or emailing us at!

Be part of an event that will publicize the many benefits of an animal-free diet!


Our easy four-step plan for you:

Plan  I  Prepare  I   Hold  I  Follow-Up