Tips for Non-Bakers

Ask a Friend

If you ask friends, family members, co-workers, classmates, fellow soccer parents, the outfielders on your softball team (okay, maybe not them) to contribute to a bake sale, some of them will likely say, “Sure, I’ll bake a batch of cookies.”

When you tell them it’s a vegan bake sale, they may give you a quizzical look or say “no problem,” depending on their familiarity with vegan baking. If it’s the former, point them to our vegan baking tips and 1000+ vegan baking recipes pages, tell them it’s easy, and that they’ll enjoy the simple challenge—and probably come up with something irresistibly scrumptious.

Use a Local Bakery

Local bakeries will usually participate and give you a good deal. In return, you can display the bakery’s card on your table or otherwise give them some publicity. Let them know that the bake sale is vegan. Some bakers will may need additional information (have a hardcopy of our “baking without eggs” sheet handy), but many will accommodate you or have a couple of items already that are vegan, even if they’re a very non-vegan bakery.

Use Mixes

Hampton Creek has Just Cookie Dough in a jar (no mixing needed). Goodbaker makes great cookie and brownie mixes for which you only have to add water. Put the mixture in a pan, bake it, and presto—you have a platter of delicious bake sale-ready desserts. Also check out mixes by Dr. Oetker and Cherrybrook Kitchen.

This tip was supplied to us from FARM: You can make a moist, good-tasting cake very simply using Duncan Hines cake mix (most varieties are vegan) and a can of soda, as detailed here. You may want to try a “practice run” before making it for the bake sale. To make the cake more presentable (and thus more sellable), apply an easy vegan frosting recipe or frosting mix to the cake after it’s cooled.

In fact, it’s easy to veganize most cookie, brownie, cake, and muffin mixes. Just use an egg substitute and nondairy milk. If someone asks for the recipe, it can be like in those TV commercials where they say, incredulously, “Really? This was from a mix?” For best results, try out the mix before using it in a bake sale. Some mixes you’ll love; others…you won’t.

Choose Simple Treats

If the bake sale is just around the corner and you’re an inexperienced baker, start with relatively straightforward and uncomplicated cookie and muffin recipes.