Tips Before the Sale

Promoting Your Event

  • Use social media, fliers, word of mouth, and similar options.
  • It won’t hurt to mention that your bake sale is part of the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale. Feel free to use our logos from our website or Facebook.
  • Contact the charity to which you’re donating proceeds to see if they will help you promote. You could offer to help with copy for their online newsletter or give them some fliers.

Dealing with Regulations

  • Selecting a good venue is important. Here are tips on venue selection.
  • Go online and/or check with local officials about regulations in your area. For example, some jurisdictions require that items be individually wrapped beforehand. In some European countries, you may need a permit from the health department to sell food at an event.
  • If the regulations for bake sales in your town seem too restrictive or confusing, it often helps to contact more than one official. The second person may give you information that the first person didn’t know about or failed to mention. Don’t hesitate to ask follow-up questions. Also consider checking one town over if it’s nearby as they may have a more streamlined process. Another source of information is church or civic groups that recently held a bake sale in your area.
  • In some cases, there are fewer restrictions if you give food away and ask for donations, rather than sell the food outright. Ask officials in your area for details. (Also see how you might be able to get an event like this funded.)
  • You may find that restrictions are looser if you hold the bake sale in a private facility, such as an office building or church.


  • Some groups use shared Google Docs spreadsheets to list who’s bringing what (e.g., baked goods and supplies).
  • Do you know how you would notify all volunteers (not to mention the public) if you had to re-schedule the bake sale at the last minute (e.g., due to inclement weather)?
  • Ask bakers to write their names inconspicuously on any containers or trays that they want back.

Additional Fundraising

  • If you’re raising money for a charity, you can ask local businesses if they’d like to make matching pledges; i.e., donations that match whatever you give to the designated charity from your bake sale proceeds. Get a receipt from the charity when you give them the proceeds; you can present that to businesses that made pledges as proof of the donation to match.
  • Allow people to pre-order. You can publish a menu of pre-orderable items online.

Storing & Transporting Food

  • Preferably before baking, make sure you have a) enough room in your refrigerator to store items that need to be kept cold, b) a way to transport your baked goods securely to the bake sale or drop-off location.