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The Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale (WVBS)  is a unique combination of outreach, fun, and fundraising.

Since 2009, WVBS has raised more than $300,000 on six continents.

Groups or individuals hold bake sales to benefit their favorite causes between April 15-30 (official worldwide dates)… or anytime!

Beneficiaries may be local, national, or global. Animal sanctuaries, vegan advocacy groups, disaster relief efforts, and feeding programs are just a few of the charities that receive increased funding and exposure.

How It Works

Groups of all sizes hold vegan bake sales to support their favorite causes. Each group customizes the details to suit their preferred size, style, location, and beneficiaries, according to their strengths and interests.

Open to any group… you do not need to be part of a vegan or animal advocacy group to participate, as long as the treats and other materials don’t use animal products or promote the use of animals.

We also recommend an easy option for individuals who want to participate but are short on time or resources. Instead of selling treats, do a vegan treats free give-away at work, school, or a community event. Pair with vegan literature for a bigger impact.

We are here to help! Here are vegan baking tips, bake sale tips, and a bake sale checklist to get started.

Why Vegan

Most people are against cruelty to animals. Yet, there is inherent cruelty in the use of animals for food.

While it is common to think that dairy and egg industries are less cruel than meat industries, in fact they result in more suffering for the animals during their lifetime, and animals used for eggs and dairy are still slaughtered for cheap meat.

Vegan bake sales are a fun and friendly way to demonstrate that vegan food is delicious in addition to being better for health, the environment, and animals.